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parochialpa‧ro‧chi‧al /pəˈrəʊkiəl $ -ˈroʊ-/ adjective  1 PREJUDICEDonly interested in things that affect your local area – used to show disapproval Local newspapers tend to be very parochial.2 [only before noun]RRC relating to a particular church and the area around it the parochial church councilparochialism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
parochialOnce more the world was treated as a convenience wrapping for Labour's parochial and predominantly internal preoccupations.The Church - she had had more than enough of Brickley parochial Catholicism.And many respondents who mention active participation also mention the more parochial norms.There are also private parochial schools that provide a more rigorous curriculum.
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