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parsonagepar‧son‧age /ˈpɑːsənɪdʒ $ ˈpɑːr-/ noun [countable]  RRCthe house where a parson lives
Examples from the Corpus
parsonageThe church and parsonage became even more forgotten.He was ridden down before he could reach the comparative safety of his parsonage at Yateley.Not long after we had reached the Old parsonage and climbed the stairs to Michael's rooms, Father D'Arcy arrived.When her harp arrives at the parsonage, Edmund spends happy hours listening to her music.In her day at the parsonage the consumption of butter and eggs was not so profligate.Mrs Grant invites her younger half-sister Mary Crawford to live with her at the parsonage.In Arles, Vincent painted a picture based on memory of the parsonage garden at Etten.Eventually, Susan and David were able to bring him home to the parsonage in Inman.
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