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part company (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpart company (with somebody)part company (with somebody)a) SEPARATEto go in different directions after having gone in the same direction The two women parted company outside their rooms. b) to end a relationship with someone George parted company with the band in 1996. c) DISAGREEto disagree with someone about something He parted company with Lloyd George over post-war diplomacy. part
Examples from the Corpus
part company (with somebody)At the crossroads to the south of Norwood we parted company.Happily there were no injuries to those few horses and riders who did part company.We walked the half-block to my car and then parted company.After the two Penns parted company, the son found solace in a happy marriage to GuliGulielma Maria Springett.Where dreams and reality parted company was about marriage and the dowry.After some participation in the Great Awakening as a youth, he parted company with its proponents.Robson departs Bryan Robson has parted company with Middlesbrough after seven years in charge.Every one of us felt sad at having to part company with our particular horse or mule.
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