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part of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpart of somethingpart of somethingsome, but not all, of a particular thing Part of the money will be spent on a new playground. Part of the castle was destroyed by fire. For part of the day, you will be outside doing practical work.part of me/him etc Part of me hates him (=I partly hate him).(only) part of the story/problem/explanation etc Poor working conditions are only part of the problem.Don’t say ‘(the) most part of’. Say most of: We spent most of (NOT most part of) the morning shopping. part
Examples from the Corpus
part of me/him etcFor example, there has always been a part of me which has felt guilty about killing Blyth, Paul and Esmerelda.No, he would not hurt her, and now she wanted to be him, to be part of him.We've all grown up, but part of me is still curious about why girls want to be cheerleaders.My hand was no longer part of me.One part of me was contemptuous of the scribblers continually rescuing the world with their paper prescriptions.Some part of him missed the big storm, had loved it, was waiting for its return.The part of me that is a lesbian has always had a lot of support and nurturing from friends around.The part of me which friendship and society claim must wait, or perish in waiting.