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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartiallypar‧tial‧ly /ˈpɑːʃəli $ ˈpɑːr-/ ●○○ adverb formal  PARTLYnot completely syn partly The operation was only partially successful. Remember that you are partially responsible for their unhappiness.
Examples from the Corpus
partiallyThe house was partially destroyed by the explosion.The Comanche liked to kill young buffalo calves and eat the curdled, partially digested milk from the stomach.Skills develop and change to compensate partially for the changing capacities.Militarism Fourth, the Western post-war build-up of defence is partially justified in the above terms.The ice had partially melted and there was a pool of water on the table.A stroke left her partially paralyzed.Such independence cost her the political immunity from partisan attack that at least partially protected prior first ladies.Technology can be changed, abandoned, or made efficient enough to partially relieve the impact of population growth.Food shortages were partially responsible for riots.The advertising campaign was only partially successful.Along the way, people may lose their jobs as machines replace, at least partially, the skills of human workers.
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