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partially sighted

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartially sightedˌpartially ˈsighted adjective  unable to see wellblind Reading aids have been provided for partially sighted pupils.
Examples from the Corpus
partially sightedNow teachers and parents have got together to start a toy library for blind and partially sighted children.The braille workshop in Gloucester prison is designed to rehabilitate inmates, as well as helping blind and partially sighted children.He hit 83 year old partially sighted pensioner, Ivor James and trapped him against a wall.All year round we help blind and partially sighted people living near you!These cause special problems for many partially sighted people who must be shown how to negotiate them.Disability glare is rarer and affects some low vision or partially sighted people.Tape copies are available free of charge to blind and partially sighted people.Keep it warm A warm, friendly voice is especially reassuring if a partially sighted person can't see your expression.
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