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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparticularitypar‧tic‧u‧lar‧i‧ty /pəˌtɪkjəˈlærəti $ pər-/ noun (plural particularities) formal  1 [uncountable] a quality that makes something different from all others the particularity of her style of writing2 [uncountable]EXACT the quality of being exact and paying attention to details3 [countable]DETAIL a detail
Examples from the Corpus
particularityOften Emerson found himself so far beyond nature that all concrete particularity vanished.Gilligan recognizes, but does not theorize, the cultural particularity of her work.To begin with, pictures, especially single pictures, speak only in particularities.Part of the offensiveness of the Incarnation has always been its particularity, its actual historical visibility.The occupiers complained by way of judicial review that the warrant lacked particularity.But this actual universe is a universe of particularity and consciously apprehended uniqueness.But the particularity, as Shakespeare formulates it, also creates intimacy.
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