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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparticularsparticulars[plural]INFORMATION the facts and details about a job, property, legal case etcparticulars of You may be required to give particulars of the change in your financial position. For further particulars, contact the College secretary. Send your particulars (=details such as your name, address, profession etc) to the address above. particular
Examples from the Corpus
particular ofParticulars of Claim Order 6 deals with particulars of claim.Dad gave particulars of his own complaint.Except in the shortest of particulars of claim, allegations should be divided into paragraphs and numbered consecutively.And the particulars of such a seeming unequal struggle are of little immediate help to the Kids from La Fama.Most of the particulars of his description have not been improved upon.The twentieth-century writing curriculum, then, was focused on the particulars of usage, grammar, and mechanics.Historically, where there has been a demand for sport, the particulars of participants seem to lose significance.The particulars of this bishop are a union of tales.
From Longman Business Dictionaryparticularspar‧tic‧u‧lars /pəˈtɪkjələzpərˈtɪkjələrz/ noun [plural] facts and details about a person, event etcThe company couldn’t comment on particulars because it hadn’t seen all the documents.particulars ofAn employee is entitled to a written statement containing particulars of the terms of the employment.
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