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parting shot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparting shotparting shotSAYan unpleasant remark that you make just as you are leaving, especially at the end of an argument As her parting shot, she told me never to phone her again. parting
Examples from the Corpus
parting shotIt's no coincidence that it originated in Moscow - this was the Communist old guard's parting shot.He was strong enough now to attribute the man's parting shot about his drawings to sheer malice.As Eve was leaving, she couldn't resist a parting shot at Brian: "I never loved you anyway!"He left with a parting shot at Supervisor Mike Boyd.The ultimate parting shot from an ungrateful aircraft that had enjoyed every care and attention.As it will be the best remembered part of your presentation, your parting shot needs to be powerful.Gilliland, however, had a parting shot to fire in his paper in Astrophysical Journal.
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