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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartlypart‧ly /ˈpɑːtli $ ˈpɑːr-/ ●●● S2 W2 adverb  PARTLYto some degree, but not completely opp wholly The poor weather was partly responsible for the crash. The company’s problems are partly due to bad management. It is partly because of her sick mother that she hasn’t taken the job abroad. The group is funded partly by the government.
Examples from the Corpus
partlyDrunk-driving convictions have increased, partly as a result of more effective policing.This is partly because of the widespread assumption that there would be essential policy continuity under a Gore administration.The accident happened partly because we were having an argument in the car.The road was partly blocked by a fallen tree.The non-university institutions are however, formally sub-divided, by location and partly by type.In fact, the intention of product redesign may be partly cost reduction and partly product differentiation.The frequency of this planning activity will be partly determined by the rate of change in the educational environment.The architectural style of the region was derived partly from Kiev but was also influenced by Novgorod and by Western Byzantine culture.The slowdown will result partly from sluggishness in nondurable sectors such as apparel and textiles.He was educated partly in Glasgow and partly in London.The growth of the welfare state after 1945 partly reflected developmental social changes.This is partly thanks to the free insurance provided by one of the World Cup sponsors and partly historical perspective.Federal budget cuts are partly to blame for the rise in unemployment.What he told us was only partly true.partly responsibleSo inevitably, I feel at least partly responsible.Consideration for his successor was partly responsible for his decision to resign short of the seven-year goal, he said.The boss was at least partly responsible for the adolescent nature of his department.The alternative - that these lower levels are partly responsible for the development of oesophagitis - is also possible.Waiting for him-and partly responsible for the lights-was Lars Sjostrand, photographer for the Svenska Dagbladet.The situation is probably a cyclic one anyway, with man only partly responsible for the present coral massacre.Prevailing conditions in the organization and distribution of the popular press were partly responsible for this.I think the editors of Cinema Nuovo are partly responsible for what you call our uncertainty.
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