Date: 1300-1400
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: parcener 'heir sharing half', from Old French parçon 'share'; influenced by part


1 noun
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part‧ner1 S3 W2 [countable]

marriage etc

one of two people who are married, or who live together and have a sexual relationship [↪ husband, wife]:
Discuss your worries with your partner.
Only 29% of lone parents receive financial support from their former partners.
a sexual partner


BB one of the owners of a business:
She's a partner in a law firm.
The senior partner has retired.
sleeping partner

dancing/games etc

someone you do a particular activity with, for example dancing or playing a game against two other people:
Clare's my tennis partner.
Take your partners for the next dance.


PGPPG a country or organization that another country or organization has an agreement with:
Nigeria is our principal trading partner in Africa.
The group is a junior partner (=less important group) in the PLO's governing coalition.

partners in crime

two people who have planned and done something together, especially something that slightly annoys other people - used humorously
sparring partnerWORD FOCUS: married WORD FOCUS: married
single not married
if you are divorced, you have officially ended your marriage to someone
if you are engaged to be married, you have formally agreed to marry someone in the future
if you are widowed, your husband or wife has died
be living together
to be living as a couple in the same house without being married
formal the person you are married to
your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend
marital status
whether you are single or married - used on official forms

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