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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpartwaypart‧way /ˈpɑːtweɪ $ ˈpɑːrt-/ adverb informal  SOME/A FEWfor some of the distance or after some of the time has passedhalfway I got the bus partway.partway through/along/down She left partway through the two-year contract.
Examples from the Corpus
partwayCyril opened his eyes partway.partway through/along/downOne telling night came in Montreal Nov. 4, partway through a lackluster 4-1 loss to the Canadiens.The race had been called partway through because of rain.Then suddenly a long-legged figure raced from the wood partway down the bank.Unfortunately, partway through the festivities, Louisa was taken ill with severe pains in her stomach.I walked partway along the trail, closing my eyes from time to time, imagining myself blind, unable to see.
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