Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: partie 'part, party', from partir 'to divide'


1 noun
Related topics: Leisure, Groupings, Law
par‧ty1 S1 W1 plural parties [countable]

for fun

DL a social event when a lot of people meet together to enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, dancing etc:
We're having a party on Saturday. Would you like to come?
throw/give a party
The university threw a party to welcome them.
She's giving a small informal party this evening.
go/come to a party
Are you going to the party tonight?
at a party
I met him at a party a couple of months ago.
I have never enjoyed party games.
tea/costume/Halloween etc party (=a particular type of party)
a dinner party at a chic New York restaurant
the party spirit (=the way someone feels when they are really enjoying a party)
hen party, house party, stag party, party animal

in politics

PPG [also + plural verb British English] a political organization with particular beliefs and aims, which you can vote for in elections:
the three main political parties in Britain
the Labour/Communist/Democratic etc Party
She was greeted by a large crowd of Labour Party supporters.
The conference is open to all party members.
the party leader
There were many people in the ruling party (=the party in power) who were unhappy with his policies.
The new regulations have been attacked by opposition parties (=parties who are not in power and oppose the government).
Her speech went down very well with the party faithful (=strong supporters of the party).
party line

group of people

[also + plural verb British English] a group of people who go somewhere together or do a job together
party of
a party of tourists
There were several students in our party.
A search party was sent out to look for the missing climbers.
Admission is free for school parties.
working party

in an argument/law

SCL law or formal one of the people or groups who are involved in a legal argument or agreement:
helping the two parties to reach an agreement
guilty/innocent party
He sees himself as the innocent party in this dispute.
third party1

be (a) party to something

formal to be involved in an activity or decision:
I was not a party to this discussion.

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