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pass judgment (on somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpass judgment (on somebody)pass judgment (on somebody)OPINIONto give your opinion about someone’s behaviour I don’t want to pass judgment on my colleagues. pass
Examples from the Corpus
pass judgment (on somebody)He never passed judgment about the wishes; he just granted them impassively.Like everyone else, they will be able to pass judgment by means of the ballot box.No longer is it tainted as mystic, for here, with no one passing judgment, no experience is tainted.They pass judgment on an accused taking into account the gravity of the crime and the circumstances of the accused.We had filed suit to pass judgment on Harvester.I used to pass judgment on sight.Managers will often find it difficult not to pass judgment on subordinates automatically.The duty of the court is neither to make nor to alter nor to pass judgment on the law.
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