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pass muster (as something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpass muster (as something)pass muster (as something)GOOD ENOUGHto be accepted as good enough for something I wasn’t sure that our clothing would pass muster at the club door. muster
Examples from the Corpus
pass muster (as something)As pitchforks they certainly pass muster.And Mel Gibson does pass muster as a filthy freedom fighter with a talent for decapitation.It is based on a true story so outrageous that it would never in a million years have passed muster as fiction.It may pass muster as television commentary but on the page its studied neutrality rings false.When it came to the physical attributes that Fred plainly valued, Lou Spooner passed muster.Although they hail from Quebec, the hurdy-gurdy of this ensemble is sure to pass muster with the average colonial.Critically surveying her reflection, she told herself she would pass muster.The schools might not have been able to offer courses that would pass muster.
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