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pass unnoticed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpass unnoticedpass unnoticedNOT KNOWto happen without anyone noticing or saying anything His resignation passed largely unnoticed. pass
Examples from the Corpus
pass unnoticedAmazing how some one so intelligent can be stupid enough to think such hypocrisy would pass unnoticed.But what iconism there is in the lower levels is the more powerful as it passes unnoticed.Under the duress of the moment, the act of crossing the threshold into this place had passed unnoticed.But in a world where observing the social decencies passes unnoticed, how much incentive is there to be ordinarily good?In fact several recent studies have shown that up to 15% of defective items have passed unnoticed in a 100% inspection.If two subversives want to meet and pass unnoticed, then do it in the smartest, most exclusive hotel in Geneva.Fong passed unnoticed through the front door of the embassy and went home.Many phrases that we feel could logically be broken up still carry hidden meanings that pass unnoticed until some one misuses them.
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