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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpassablepass‧a‧ble /ˈpɑːsəbəl $ ˈpæ-/ adjective  1 GOOD ENOUGH formal fairly good, but not excellent The food was excellent and the wine was passable. He can do a passable imitation of the maths teacher.see thesaurus at satisfactory2 OPENa road or river that is passable is not blocked, so you can travel along it or across it opp impassable
Examples from the Corpus
passableDespite the snow, all the major highways in upstate New York were still passable.But with the piles of snow that are pushed aside, the streets are only 60 % passable.The recent rain made the little stream passable and the water was very swift, shallow and rocky.Linda speaks passable Arabic.There was some bread, a little cheese and a passable French wine.It's passable, he says, and it leads direct to Tmjillo.Stockwell, with his voice jacked up an octave, does a passable homage to Joe Flynn, the original Binghampton.He gave a passable imitation of Charlie Chaplin.Her hair was rolled into a passable pageboy and sometimes tied with a black ribbon.More recently, they turned to the government to ask for passable roads and better schools.Occasional crossings between the two chief areas were possible during periods when the Bering Strait became passable to land animals.Some sustained underwater excavation by Crossley and Yeadon, opened a route passable with big tanks, enabling exploration beyond.
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