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passenger seat

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passenger seatˈpassenger ˌseat noun [countable]  TTCthe seat in the front of a vehicle next to the driver
Examples from the Corpus
passenger seatThey sat side by side in the double passenger seat, watching me as I approached.A couch behind the passenger seat easily folds out to a bed, albeit a short one.This took some time, but eventually I set off, in the passenger seat of an army jeep.His car was released to his fiancee, who was riding in the passenger seat and was sober, Ditzenberger said.Waltrick was in the passenger seat of the Volkswagen, which witnesses said was crushed and mangled.He slouched into the passenger seat of the ivory Ford sedan and shut the door hard.The compartment under the passenger seat in the front, right?Look in the locker under the passenger seat for its original colour as it is usually not repainted in a respray.
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