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passingpass‧ing1 /ˈpɑːsɪŋ $ ˈpæ-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 the passing of time/the years2 mention/note something in passing3 FINISH/COME TO AN ENDthe passing of something is the fact that it has ended The old regime was defeated, and few people mourned its passing.4 MXDIEthe passing of a person is their death – use this when you want to avoid using the word ‘death’ Nothing could fill the gap in her life left by his passing.
Examples from the Corpus
passingIt may be difficult for the modern reader to grasp the emotional effect of his passing upon his people.His passing leaves a sore gap in his family circle and in his wider circle of friends and acquaintances.In passing, we can note that one proposal for spaceflight is to use the pressure of photons from the Sun.They lost the game partly because of ineffective passing.This resulted in the passing of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 which introduces a strict liability regime for defective products.Other parents equate education with the passing of examinations.the passing of the Cold WarThe passing of the Liverpool Corporation Act 1921 set the stage for inter-war policing.Animals walked there, the vibration of their passing stirring Tallis from her earthly sleep.
passingpassing2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 PASS/GO PASTgoing past a place or person Michael watched the passing cars. A passing motorist stopped to help.2 passing days/weeks/years etc3 SHORT TIMEa passing thought or feeling is short and not very serious He had only ever shown a passing interest in sport.see thesaurus at short4 a passing remark is one that you make while you are talking about something else He made only a passing reference to her achievements.
Examples from the Corpus
passingThe malaise about a shared intellectual and literary culture was short-lived, the product of passing confrontation.Whether this is just a passing fad or a lasting fashion trend, only time will tell.passing fashionsa passing glanceMost people take only a passing interest in their horoscope.After all, Levi admits to more than a passing interest in things financial, shall we say.But only for one passing second.At the time, I didn't give Alison so much as a passing thought -- I had other things on my mind.Noise from the passing traffic could be heard from the backyard.Bernard reversed straight out of the new garage into the road and hit a passing van.Six-year-old Michael Smith and his parents were spotted by a passing yacht as they clung to a tiny buoyancy bag in darkness.passing interestFor all its emotional resonance, it was in my mind an issue of minor and passing interest.Yet caddis larvae, who do precisely that, command only passing interest.This was the brainchild of Martin and Hermon Bond, two farmers, who had more than a passing interest in golf.Anyway, it does no harm for a politician to evince some passing interest in sport.There were also rumours that newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell was showing more than a passing interest in Storehouse.The backlash is awaited with interest by everyone, even those with only a passing interest in the music scene.After all, Levi admits to more than a passing interest in things financial, shall we say.As far as it goes, the film will be of passing interest to anybody acquainted with the myth.