2 adjective
passing2 [only before noun]
1 going past a place or person:
Michael watched the passing cars.
A passing motorist stopped to help.

passing days/weeks/years etc

literary the days, weeks, years etc that pass:
Her grief became less intense with the passing years.
With each passing day she grew stronger.
3 a passing thought or feeling is short and not very serious:
He had only ever shown a passing interest in sport.
4 a passing remark is one that you make while you are talking about something else:
He made only a passing reference to her achievements.
speech/piece of writing: brief, concise, condensed, abridged

person: not very tall, little, tiny, petite

time/event: brief, quick, momentary, fleeting, ephemeral, transient, passing, short-lived

legs/fingers: stumpy, stubby

clothes: skimpy

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