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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpassionatepas‧sion‧ate /ˈpæʃənət/ ●●○ adjective  1 SYLOVEshowing or involving very strong feelings of sexual love He had a brief but passionate love affair with an older woman. a very passionate young man a passionate lover a passionate kiss2 STRONG FEELING OR BELIEFsomeone who has a passionate belief believes something very strongly a passionate supporter of women’s rights He had a passionate belief in justice.3 EMOTIONALif you are passionate about something, you like it a lot She developed a passionate interest in wild flowers.passionate about I’ve always been passionate about football.passionately adverb He kissed her passionately. Peter is passionately involved in environmental issues.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: someone who has a passionate belief believes something very stronglynounsa passionate belief/convictionWe had a passionate belief in what we were doing.a passionate commitment to somethingThere was no doubt about his passionate commitment to peace.a passionate concern for somethingShe developed a passionate concern for human rights.a passionate supporter of somebody/somethingPresident Johnson was a passionate supporter of the space programme.a passionate defender of somethingThe actress is a vocal and passionate defender of women's rights.a passionate speechSenator McCarthy delivered a powerful and passionate speech.a passionate pleaShe made a passionate plea for tolerance.
Examples from the Corpus
passionateThe other one, I decided, was too passionate.As they got to know each other better, their love grew deeper and more passionate.He's passionate about the need to protect the environment.Days later his passionate affair with cartoonist Sally Anne Lassoon was making headlines.She longed to have a mad, passionate affair with him.She has been described by former co-workers as tenacious, humane, passionate and at times thin-skinned.Flint, who had just received an intensive coaching from Matthews and Mulholland, began a passionate appeal.I remember many passionate arguments taking place around this table.Thatcher was always been a passionate believer in the ideals of a free market economy.The result is a passionate, deeply informed account that makes no pretense of being a balanced work of history.Lau has shown herself to be a passionate defender of the poor.Those who know the Duke recognise his passionate interest in the countryside and the wellbeing of those who live by the land.a passionate love affairShe was a handsome Spanish woman with a passionate nature and a warm, generous heart.Sometimes I wish he was more passionate, not so rational about everything.What we are witnessing is the eager consummation that follows a long and passionate seduction.a passionate speechpassionate beliefIntensity of feeling, passionate belief, and utter commitment to the behavior therapist are rare.No way, no how, no hope had to be countered by a passionate belief in justified struggle.His passionate belief in the strength of the Doctor Who ethos saw him extending its repertoire into a whole range of media.These are the bases of the passionate beliefs of this renowned astrologer.passionate interestClarke had a passionate interest in calculating the figure of the Earth, another central problem for an accurate topographical survey.Many of the manifestations of this passionate interest in ceremonial and precedence were not particularly dangerous.But I had a passionate interest in model trains.But true enthusiasts are not inspired by making money - their only concern is a passionate interest in the buildings themselves.Those who know the Duke recognise his passionate interest in the countryside and the wellbeing of those who live by the land.The sense of violence and anger, together with passionate interest, spilled out all over the place.What Amanda was wearing underneath had once been a matter of passionate interest to Don.
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