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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpastimepas‧time /ˈpɑːstaɪm $ ˈpæs-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingsomething that you do because you think it is enjoyable or interestinghobby Reading was her favourite pastime.
Examples from the Corpus
pastimeAs a pastime, keeping and riding horses has always been very expensive.No doubt it was a deadly pastime in those years.His favourite pastimes were shooting and golf.Our cat's favourite pastime is sitting at the window and watching the people walk by.Gardening is my mother's favourite pastime.But they are often quite creative in figuring out mutually interesting pastimes.A Gallup poll found gardening to be America's leading pastime.Watching talk shows has become a national pastime in this country.But there is also something worrying about a plastic box outwitting humans at this most cerebral of pastimes.In southern Europe, shooting birds is a popular pastime.Surely there are features of human nature other than this one overexposed and troublesome procreative pastime.Living as he does in Moycullen, he has ample local opportunities to indulge in these pastimes.Evangelicalism became an especially potent force in the attack on traditional pastimes.
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