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pastoralpas‧tor‧al /ˈpɑːstərəl $ ˈpæ-/ adjective  1 SErelating to the duties of a priest, minister etc towards the members of their religious group his pastoral work among the congregation2 literaryPEACEFUL typical of the simple peaceful life in the country a charming pastoral scene3 ADVISESErelating to the duties of a teacher in advising students about their personal needs rather than their schoolwork pastoral care at the school
Examples from the Corpus
pastoralIn essence the principles of pastoral care for children have not been extended to adults.The pastoral names of the characters and the type of versification employed correspond to the rustic mood.Alvingham, through all its centuries of existence, has seen much activity of a pastoral nature.This area is predominantly pastoral, often with bocage - fields and hedges.There is an important pastoral role to be played by the director, and non-musical demands can be time-consuming.He made painted screens showing pastoral scenes with red houses.The Heber Valley is a pastoral spot ringed by mountains.In pastoral Suffolk fewer than half this class were dependent on wages, presumably younger men who were not yet cottagers.Father Brackley did pastoral work in El Salvador.
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