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pastramipas‧tra‧mi /pəˈstrɑːmi/ noun [uncountable]  DFFsmoked beef that contains a lot of spices
Examples from the Corpus
pastramiAfter turning the volume up again she disappeared into the kitchen to make herself a pastrami on rye.Maybe they were going for another pastrami sandwich.All of the hot pastrami sandwiches are served with a crunchy dill pickle, sliced down the middle.If pastrami is too strong a flavour for your taste, then use roast beef or ham instead.Keep in mind that these are all sandwiches, not composed plates with the pastrami here and the chopped liver there.The pastrami offering at Langer's Deli is a stellar example of hot sandwich achievement.The poultry industry also began distributing turkey ham, turkey salami, turkey pastrami, and turkey bologna.
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