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Related topics: Illness & disability
pastypast‧y1 /ˈpeɪsti/ adjective  MIDCa pasty face looks very pale and unhealthy
Examples from the Corpus
pastyBeneath a top hat his face is pasty and bloated.Slightly pasty and not as hot at the first visit, they were perfect the next time.Because the silica in andesite makes it thick and pasty, andesite tends to trap large amounts of gas.Pale spiky girl one side of a table, pale pasty boy the other.She smiles, and two dimples appear in her pasty cheeks, still shiny from last night's application of face cream.Their pasty faces - the result of long periods underground - belie their extraordinary strength and tenacity.Gone was the lively, glowing girl of the morning, in her place a pasty ghost.Dinner was usually fried meat and pasty potatoes thrown on a chipped plate.
Related topics: Food, dish
pastypast‧y2 /ˈpæsti/ noun (plural pasties) [countable] British English  DFFa small pastry case filled with meat, vegetables etc and baked a Cornish pasty
Examples from the Corpus
pastyMartha brought him hot pasties every lunchtime from their cottage, to his place of work in the fields.Hot pasties and hot drinks are served below deck at the bar, a comfort on chilly days.She supposed that she wrongly still thought of pub meals in terms of bread and cheese or pasties.Children often use dough in imitation of pastry; rolling, cutting and making cakes, pies or pasties.Avoid quiches, pasties and meat pies, but don't be shy of the ubiquitous baked potato.There were usually some vegetarian pasties and things going cheap.
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