Date: 1300-1400
Origin: Perhaps from Old French pieche 'piece'


1 noun
patch1 [countable]

part of an area

a small area of something that is different from the area around it
patch of
We finally found a patch of grass to sit down on.
Belinda watched a patch of sunlight move slowly across the wall.
Look out for icy patches on the road.
a cat with a white patch on its chest
He combs his hair over his bald patch.

over a hole

DCC a small piece of material that is sewn on something to cover a hole in it:
a jacket with leather patches at the elbows

for growing something

DLG a small area of ground for growing fruit or vegetables:
a strawberry patch


a small computer program that is added to software to solve problems


MD a piece of material that you wear over your eye to protect it when it has been hurt:
He had a black patch over one eye.


DCC American English a small piece of cloth with words or pictures on it that you can sew onto clothes [= badge British English]

a bad/difficult/sticky/rough patch

informal a period of time when you are having a lot of difficulty:
Gemma's going through a bad patch right now.

somebody's patch

British English informal an area that someone knows very well because they work or live there [= turf]:
Policemen know what's going on in their home patch.

not be a patch on somebody/something

British English informal to be much less attractive, good etc than something or someone else:
The second film isn't a patch on the first.

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