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patchworkpatch‧work /ˈpætʃwɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun  1 patchwork.jpg DLH[uncountable] a type of sewing in which many coloured squares of cloth are stitched together to make one large piece a patchwork quilt2 [singular] something that is made up of a lot of different thingspatchwork of a patchwork of woods and fields, typical of the English countryside The area was a patchwork of local industries.
Examples from the Corpus
patchworkAcross the lake is a patchwork quilt of Yorkshire countryside to the hills beyond.Now there is a patchwork of state legislation enacted to deal with the legal and ethical issues raised by genetic information.Saturday I made a patchwork cot cover by hand, I have good practical skills.She was making a patchwork quilt for the baby's cot.A patchwork of care may well be required that is drawn from private and voluntary as well as formal and informal sources.He wraps around himself the dusty patchwork cloak of his invisibility and the heralds gallop hither and yon in vain.His favourite was in bright print patchwork, and he wore it dead straight, one inch above his eyebrows.patchwork quiltAnd did he have their little scarves sewn up into a patchwork quilt?Across the lake is a patchwork quilt of Yorkshire countryside to the hills beyond.There were tiny fields, like a patchwork quilt thrown across the rocks.In the past, local hotlines have to the best of their ability provided only a patchwork quilt of assistance.The great double bed had brass rails and was covered with a patchwork quilt.After that, huddled under the patchwork quilt, they made love in a lazy, unhurried way.She shivered, jumped back into bed, and snuggled lower under the patchwork quilt.Under the patchwork quilt, David turned over and sleepily pulled Clare towards him.
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