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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatentlypa‧tent‧ly /ˈpeɪtntli $ ˈpæ-/ adverb formal  BADvery clearly The treatment is patently not working.patently false/untrue To say that the proposal has no disadvantages at all is patently untrue. It’s patently obvious that you’re in love with her.
Examples from the Corpus
patentlyJenkins' explanation of the situation is patently absurd.It is patently clear that the Blues must sell to buy or consider the possibility of exchange deals.The two armies have patently failed to form a joint command.Their marketing strategy has patently failed to work.The statement is patently false and an embarrassing public demonstration of his weakness as university leader.She had not taken seriously, because Robert patently hadn't, the original invitation.This is patently not an area that has been officially acknowledged.This is patently not the case.But there were, patently, other advantages.Simon Zelotes is quite patently Simon the Zealot.This implies that everything listed as a mental disorder in the handbook has a biological contribution, a patently unfounded claim.patently false/untrueDon't try and set up something that is quite patently false.It was a statement that was patently false, and an embarrassing public demonstration of his weakness as university leader.
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