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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaterfamiliaspa‧ter‧fa‧mil‧ias /ˌpeɪtəfəˈmiːliæs $ ˌpɑːtərfəˈmiːliəs/ noun [countable] formal  a father or a man who is the head of a family
Examples from the Corpus
paterfamiliasAs a paterfamilias, Charlemagne did well.In days to come as a staid married man and paterfamilias I shall remember my darling Lily with affection ...Then they became part of the family-Ellwood as paterfamilias.After six wives and eight children, he emerges as a smiling paterfamilias.Mat, winsome, handsome, pipe-smoking paterfamilias, introduced us to the fishermen at the table.
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