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paternalismpa‧ter‧nal‧is‧m /pəˈtɜːnəl-ɪzəm $ -ɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]  PGSSOwhen people in charge of an organization or society protect the members and give them what they need but do not allow them any freedom or responsibilitypaternalistic /pəˌtɜːnəlˈɪstɪk◂ $ -ɜːr-/ (also paternalist /pəˈtɜːnəlɪst $ -ɜːr-/) adjective
Examples from the Corpus
paternalismThey smacked of mutton-chop whiskers and paternalism.If the philosophical basis for these inroads into the general principle is paternalism, what legal bases or justifications are there?Yet, when we dig a little deeper, we find simply another style of moral paternalism lies buried beneath the surface.The birth of commercial television in the early fifties was a victory for money over breeding, of corporate power over paternalism.Economists rarely subscribe to the value judgement of whole-scale paternalism.His lack of charisma and often unhappy persona will contrast sharply with Mandela's awesome humility, humour and stern paternalism.Not only did these men share the hardships of combat, their very survival imbued many with a pre-disposition to paternalism.The world was less kind to Storni, for whom paternalism provided no protection.
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