Language: Old English
Origin: pæth


Related topics: Roads
path S2 W2 plural paths [countable]


TTR a track that has been made deliberately or made by many people walking over the same ground:
I walked nervously up the garden path towards the front door.
a well-worn path across the grass
Follow the path along the river to the bridge.
a path leading to the summer house

way through something

the space ahead of you as you move along
path through
Police cleared a path through the protesters.
Damian blocked their path.


the direction or line along which something or someone is moving
into the path of something
She walked into the path of an oncoming vehicle.


a plan or series of actions that will help you achieve something, especially over a long period of time:
a career path
path to freedom/success/independence etc
She saw a college degree as her path to success.
the same/a different path
I hope you will choose a different path.

somebody's paths cross

if two people's paths cross, they meet by chance:
Our paths did not cross again.

➔ beat a path (to somebody's door)

at beat1 (16)

➔ off the beaten path

at beaten (1)
flight path

➔ lead somebody up the garden path

at lead1 (12)

➔ stand in somebody's path

at stand1 (30)

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