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pathwaypath‧way /ˈpɑːθweɪ $ ˈpæθ-/ noun [countable]  1 TTRROAD/PATHa path2 a series of nerves that pass information to each other
Examples from the Corpus
pathwayTo add to the confusion, we are not even certain about the biochemical pathway of vitamin C synthesis in plants.Rural communities complained that they lacked the resources to offer career pathways in multiple fields.In addition, there are also indications that this signalling pathway can induce cells to become tumorigenic.Police officers and big guys in suits wearing earplugs, looking tense, had cordoned off a temporary pathway.We know about the pathways through which odors are detected.He heard many voices as people passed on the pathway from the bridge to the ramp.The pathway narrows as it moves toward the Stream Garden.Parental reactions are turbulent, and the usual pathways for the development of close parent-infant bonds are disrupted.
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