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Fermor, Patrick Leigh

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFermor, Patrick LeighPatrick Leigh FermorFer‧mor, Pat‧rick Leigh /ˈfɜːmɔː, ˈpætrɪk liː $ ˈfɜːrmɔːr-/  (1915-2011) an English travel writer and soldier who was born in London. When he was a young man, he walked from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople. He later wrote about these experiences in two books: A Time of Gifts (1977) and Between the Woods and the Water (1986). During World War II, Fermor worked secretly with Greek people fighting against the German army on the island of Crete. These events were described in a book by Captain Bill Stanley Moss. This book was later made into a film, called Ill Met by Moonlight (1957).
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