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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaucitypau‧ci‧ty /ˈpɔːsəti $ ˈpɒː-/ noun [singular] formal  LITTLE/NOT MUCHless than is needed of something syn lackpaucity of a paucity of information
Examples from the Corpus
paucityIt is not for economists, however, to be put off by a paucity of data.But there was a paucity of buyers.The relative paucity of material goods owned by Corpsmen is, in terms of transcultural perception, a complicating factor.It is the paucity of its retail base which is stunting growth.The lack of comprehension can be attributed in part to the paucity of electronic commerce applications that the consumer has personally experienced.The paucity of Reagan's legislative record after 1981 is reflected in Congressional Quarterly presidential support scores.This paucity of information arises from the role that uncertainty has in quantum mechanics.
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