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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaunchpaunch /pɔːntʃ $ pɒːntʃ/ noun [countable]  DCFATa man’s fat stomachpaunchy adjective
Examples from the Corpus
paunchJames was much shorter than she had imagined, with thinning, poker-straight brown hair and a paunch.You're getting a paunch, did you know that?To operate this machine, you must have a paunch and wear green pants.The Sioux boiled buffalo meat with heated rocks in a buffalo paunch, then ate the paunch, too.With his unruly beard and comfortable paunch he looked like a well-fed prophet.Merv lay back in his chair with his hands crossed above his paunch, listening to the radio.Wally crossed the mirrored lobby, sucking in his paunch as he caught sight of himself.Peering over the rim of his paunch, he could see a hard-on.I feel pressure on my back as Frank leans forward and pushes me against the window with his paunch.His paunch bulged over a sash.
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