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pave the way for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpave the way for somethingpave the way for somethingPOSSIBLEto make a later event or development possible by producing the right conditions The Supreme Court decision paved the way for further legislation on civil rights. pave
Examples from the Corpus
pave the way for somethingShe would pave the way for a much more slender ideal: the flapper.By paving the way for a national free market, absolutism fostered capitalism.And this does, of course, pave the way for all manner of hilarious aircraft-undercarriage impressions at parties.Their unique approach paved the way for an extraordinary leap into the deep earth.They merely pave the way for an increasing proportion of those emissions to come from the burning of imported coal.I pave the way for my people with product specialists, financial experts, the regional boys, whatever.The Ports Act 1991 has paved the way for this privatisation of the Trust Ports by competitive tender.
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