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pavingpav‧ing /ˈpeɪvɪŋ/ noun  1 [uncountable]TM material used to form a hard level surface on a path, road, area etc brick paving2 [uncountable]DT an area covered in a hard level surface such as blocks of stone or concrete3 [countable]TIM a paving stone
Examples from the Corpus
pavingHe sounded as enthusiastic as I might have been if talking about paving stones in Manchester.He waited for a moment while Mr Hellyer removed another paving stone and added it to the growing pile in the hedge.Concrete paving blocks are a more flexible and more versatile alternative to slabs.The crazy paving slabs came up easily enough.The worn crazy paving provides a soft and very unobtrusive backdrop.Tables are installed at gateways and usually comprise distinctive paving materials.His mutterings might have been prayers, his long gown a monk's habit, sweeping over the rough paving.He started walking again, treading carefully on the cracks between the paving stones.
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