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pawnbrokerpawn‧bro‧ker /ˈpɔːnˌbrəʊkə $ ˈpɒːnˌbroʊkər/ noun [countable]  BOBFsomeone whose business is to lend people money in exchange for valuable objects. If the money is not paid back, the pawnbroker can sell the object.
Examples from the Corpus
pawnbrokerThere were 3,000 pawnbrokers in Greater London in the 1960S, but in ten years the number dropped to 150.In this Windle and Maidwell are described as glass sellers, whilst Thomas Gunson has become a pawnbroker.Money borrowed from a pawnbroker did not have to be repaid for fifteen months.I felt very wicked taking them to a pawnbroker, and then I sent the money to Giulia.In fact, from 1785 all pawnbrokers had to register.The business of pawnbrokers, which consists in lending money upon pledges of goods, is the subject of special statutory regulation.He wore his best suit which had been redeemed from the pawnbrokers and was freshly cleaned and pressed.
From Longman Business Dictionarypawnbrokerpawn‧bro‧ker /ˈpɔːnˌbrəʊkəˈpɒːnˌbroʊkər/ noun [countable] someone whose business is to lend people money in exchange for valuable objectsPawnbrokers are now allowed to charge any interest rate on loans above $2,500.
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