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pay/bring dividends

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpay/bring dividendspay/bring dividendsto be very useful and bring a lot of advantages, especially later in the future Good eating habits will pay dividends later on in life. dividend
Examples from the Corpus
pay/bring dividendsOur advertising sales structures have been reshaped, and this is already paying dividends.Blue chip refers to firms with long track records for turning profits and paying dividends.And the strategy appears to be paying dividends.If they are given a vote of confidence this season it could bring dividends.Only three of the stocks on the list paid dividends, and the highest of those was 70 cents a share annually.Among stocks, only the railroads paid dividends on a regular basis.Fortified by his second election victory Adenauer adhered to his policies, which continued to pay dividends.One thing is certain, as the competition increases, worldwide reputation for quality and service will pay dividends.
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