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pay good money for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpay good money for somethingpay good money for somethingspokenSPEND MONEY to spend a lot of money on something Don’t let the children jump around on the sofa. I paid good money for that. money
Examples from the Corpus
pay good money for somethingI paid good money for that sofa, so it should last.I paid good money for that, I said, can't I just have a last go on it?I paid good money for this vehicle and I won't have the likes of you doing what you're doing!It hardly surprised him that people were not too keen on paying good money for that.And we'd say, we're paying good money for this.Consumer information is an asset which marketers are prepared to pay good money for.Why pay good money for the same effect?Women would pay good money for a glimpse of his guardsman's helmet.
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