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pay over the odds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpay over the oddspay over the oddsBritish English informalTOO/TOO MUCH to pay a higher price than is usual or reasonable Most residents live in tiny apartments and pay over the odds for them too. odds
Examples from the Corpus
pay over the oddsIn the past Coleby had paid over the odds for things he wanted.It pays over the odds, and promotes rapidly too.The first, and most general, is the willingness of companies to pay over the odds when they acquire other companies.If the hon. Gentleman believes otherwise, he is inviting electricity consumers to pay over the odds for their electricity.When a firm is mature, with a long track-record, investors are less likely to pay over the odds for it.We could have guessed that Abraham would end up paying over the odds, but not as much as this.But do they make us pay over the odds?They still expected to get cheap baked beans, but would pay over the odds for high-quality fresh food.
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