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payablepay‧a‧ble /ˈpeɪəbəl/ adjective [not before noun]  1 BFLa bill, debt etc that is payable must be paidpayable on Tax is payable on the interest.payable by a fee of £49, payable by the tenantpayable to State pensions become payable to women at age 60. The rent is payable in advance.2 payable to somebody
Examples from the Corpus
payableThe vendors intention to sell will be made public as soon as the circular is sent out, yet no consideration will be payable.If the assisted party is successful, costs may be payable by the opponent in the normal way.A lab fee of $25 is payable during the first week of class.This liability would be payable even if the venture failed, and all the capital were lost.Instead, the combined amount payable from next April will be £19.40 for the first child and £18.65 for the second onwards.In addition some clubs levy a service charge for infants payable in resort.Cheques for all these events must be made payable to Brighton Borough Council.Donations should be made payable to: Darling Endowed Scholarship.Don't write out cheques to your adviser - always make them payable to the company you're investing in.payable in advanceIt will be automatic and payable in advance.The full fee is payable in advance and includes the cost of refreshments, lunch and all seminar documentation.If the rent is payable in advance, the date chosen should be a rent day.
From Longman Business Dictionarypayablepay‧a‧ble /ˈpeɪəbəl/ adjective [not before a noun]1ACCOUNTINGa bill, debt etc that is payable must be paid, often by a certain dateShareholders will receive a final dividend of 0.75p, payable on July 1.Sanders’ donation was $450,000, payable over three years.2accounts payable American EnglishACCOUNTING money that a company owes SYN CREDITORS BrEThe company’s liabilities include accounts payable totaling $29.1 million.3dividends payableACCOUNTINGFINANCE a figure included in a company’s accounts showing the amount that has been or will be paid in dividends for a particular period of timeSurprisingly, the profit and loss account reveals in the latest year that dividends payable were greater than profits for the year.4note payableACCOUNTING a note relating to money that a company owesProceeds from the share offering will be used to repay a portion of the company’s current notes payable. see also bills payable under bill of exchange5payable to somebodyBANKING a cheque that is payable to someone has that person’s name written on it and must be paid only to themSend a postal order or cheque for £2.50 made payable to Dent & Reuss Ltd.
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