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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpayoutpay‧out /ˈpeɪ-aʊt/ noun [countable]  MONEYGIVEa large payment of money to someone, for example from an insurance claim or from winning a competition There should be a big payout on this month’s lottery. Some of the victims have been offered massive cash payouts.
Examples from the Corpus
payoutLittlewoods expect the alterations will help them to make big payouts of as much as £2 million on a more regular basis.Unit costs were down and cash flow up, providing a steady increase in the gainsharing payout to employees.Cowboys received $ 8 million in payouts in sanctioned rodeos in 1995, but many still claim to have trouble covering expenses.A turnover of £1.5 billion a year would produce a weekly prize payout of £14 million with one top prize.Most firms appear to have a target payout ratio of dividends to long-run reported earnings.But the bigger the risk, the bigger the payout.A final dividend of 3p increases the total payout by 1p to 4.15p.cash payoutsBut according to Money Management's annual survey of with-profits policies, actual cash payouts after that time averaged only £1,173 in 1992.The policies they sell offer cash payouts in the event of injuries, disability or death sustained in a road crash.Heritage Secretary Peter Brooke is also said to be planning a number of smaller cash payouts to keep punters' attention.
From Longman Business Dictionarypayoutpay‧out /ˈpeɪ-aʊt/ noun [countable]1FINANCEa large sum of money, given to someone for the work they have donean increase in commission payouts for some top-producing brokers2INSURANCE a payment made to someone who has made an insurance claimThe insurance company’s profits fell 13% because of big payouts related to a series of hurricanes.3FINANCE a DIVIDEND payment (=part of a company’s profits for a particular period of time paid to people who own shares in it)The board voted to cut the payouts in response to current operating results.
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