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PCPC1 /ˌpiː ˈsiː◂/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TD (personal computer) a computer that is used by one person at a time, either at home or at work People can use their PCs to do their banking from home.2 British English (police constable) a police officer of the lowest rank
Examples from the Corpus
PCSales of PCs were down for the second year running.
PCPC2 ●○○ adjective  x-ref (politically correct) used to describe language, behaviour, and attitudes that are carefully chosen so that they do not offend or insult anyone It’s not PC to describe people as disabled.From Longman Business DictionaryPCPC noun [countable]1COMPUTINGpersonal computer; a small computer that can be used by one person, or connected to a NETWORKIBM compatible PCsAlthough US companies dominate the world PC business, they have less than 10% of the Japanese market.2 (also pc) written abbreviation for PER CENTThe country’s overall industrial production fell by 0.3 pc during the last month.
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