Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: pais, from Latin pax


peace S2 W2

no war

[singular, uncountable] a situation in which there is no war or fightingCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
be at peace (with somebody) (=not be involved in a war) make peace (=agree to stop fighting) live in peace (=live without fighting) bring peace to somewhere world peace lasting peace uneasy peace peace talks/negotiations/conference peace treaty/agreement/accord peace movement/march/campaigner/protester the peace process
The country is at peace with its neighbours for the first time in years.
By the end of the century, France had made peace with Britain.
a city where people of different religions have lived together in peace for centuries
efforts to bring peace to the region
a dangerous situation which threatens world peace
peace between
a lasting peace between the two sides
An uneasy peace continued until 1939.
the Northern Ireland peace talks
an international peace conference
the peace treaty that ended the First World War
the Middle East peace process

no noise/interruptions

[uncountable]C a very quiet and pleasant situation in which you are not interrupted
in peace
I'll leave you now and let you get dressed in peace.
I wish she would just leave me in peace.
All I want is some peace and quiet.

calm/not worried

[uncountable] a feeling of being calm, happy, and not worried:
the search for inner peace
Having household insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind.
Lynn seems to be more at peace with herself these days (=calm, satisfied, no longer worried about anything).

make (your) peace with somebody

to end a quarrel with a person or group, especially by telling them you are sorry:
Ann wanted to make her peace with her father before he died.

keep the peace

to stop people from fighting, arguing, or causing trouble:
The US is sending troops overseas in order to keep the peace.

hold/keep your peace

formal old-fashioned to keep quiet even though you would like to say something

disturb the peace

lawSCL to behave in a noisy or violent way:
Macklin was charged with disturbing the peace.

➔ breach of the peace

at breach1 (5)

rest in peace

MXRR words that are said during a funeral service for someone who has died, or written on a gravestone [↪ RIP]

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