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peacekeeping force/troops etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacekeeping force/troops etcpeacekeeping force/troops etcPMAa group of soldiers who are sent to a place in order to stop two opposing groups from fighting each other The United Nations has decided to send a peacekeeping force into the area. peacekeeping
Examples from the Corpus
peacekeeping force/troops etcBecause Oglala was so violent at that time, we were asked to be like a peacekeeping force.They called for the removal of Eyadema, political neutrality by the army, and the creation of a special peacekeeping force.It would be the first major peacekeeping force deployed in the Western Hemisphere.The peacekeeping force has already been extended five times, and the deployment is now scheduled to end July 31.A large peacekeeping force is now being assembled, ready to move at 48 hours' notice.
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