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pearlypearl‧y /ˈpɜːli $ ˈpɜːrli/ adjective  DCJCCpale in colour and shiny, like a pearl pearly white teeth a pearly grey jacket
Examples from the Corpus
pearlyThe second celestial apparition was a faint, pearly cone of light slanting up the eastern sky.And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates.It was still misty but the sun was gathering strength and the mist had acquired a pearly hue promising better things.He fills the temple with a pearly, internal light at a gesture.The basic colouration is greyish-blue to green, with a pearly iridescence and blue to green iridescent patches on the scales.He exulted and from the pocket of his long robe withdrew a self-powered Atomo bulb that filled the room with pearly light.Eventually all the shelled forms except the pearly nautilus disappeared.The well-shaped nails were a pearly plum colour this time.a pearly white fish
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