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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeculiaritype‧cu‧li‧ar‧i‧ty /pɪˌkjuːliˈærəti/ noun (plural peculiarities)  1 [countable]ONLY something that is a feature of only one particular place, person, situation etcpeculiarity of The lack of a written constitution is a peculiarity of the British political system.2 [countable]STRANGE a strange or unusual habit, quality etc Margaret regarded her mother’s peculiarities with a fond tolerance.3 [uncountable]STRANGE the quality of being strange or unfamiliarpeculiarity of She was well aware of the peculiarity of her own situation.
Examples from the Corpus
peculiarityMargaret loved her mother, and regarded her peculiarities with a fond tolerance.In this lay the historical peculiarity of the capitalist mode of production.The other concepts betray similar logical peculiarities.She seemed to have acquired a lot of peculiarities herself.Not having been associated with people with his range of peculiarities, I wondered whether they were the materials of his prejudices.The baby literally tunes itself up to the peculiarities of the language that it hears.To do this, two peculiarities of the labor market must be remembered.peculiarity ofThe pharmacist is familiar with the peculiarities of Dr. Klein's handwriting.
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