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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeculiarlype‧cu‧li‧ar‧ly /pɪˈkjuːliəli $ -ər-/ adverb  1 peculiarly British/female/middle-class etc2 STRANGEin a strange or unusual way Theo had been behaving peculiarly.3 ESPECIALLYespecially a peculiarly difficult question
Examples from the Corpus
peculiarlyJohn and Sylvia looked at me peculiarly.He realised then that cells in cancers are peculiarly flexible.Paul Fussell has developed the interesting point that the first world war was a peculiarly literary war.In general, the classical perspective contained a peculiarly narrow view of what it actually is that controls human behaviour.In a way this first category is a peculiarly Protestant doubt which is best understood as a misrepresentation and abuse of freedom.Certainly the subject, sought from within a particular conscious episode, is peculiarly recessive.There is something peculiarly ruthless about this process.The only thing to keep this system from Editor's Choice, is its peculiarly strangled performance.The comparative weight of the evidence is, however, peculiarly the function of the trial judge who has heard the witnesses.
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