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pedestrianpe‧des‧tri‧an1 /pəˈdestriən/ ●●○ noun [countable]  TTRWALKsomeone who is walking, especially along a street or other place used by carsmotorist
Examples from the Corpus
pedestrianOn a single day, Sept. 17,10 pedestrians were struck, including one fatally.The man lost control of his car, killing a pedestrian.But won't it lead to confrontation between drivers and pedestrians?Take particular care when entering or leaving the tracks, and watch out for both pedestrians and traffic.Banning traffic from the shopping areas has made life much more pleasant for pedestrians.Often, cars turning on to California or Pine would block the crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to weave between cars.Then, without warning, a tremendous blast smote the city, knocking pedestrians to the ground.Cyclists are asked to be aware of pedestrians and ride considerately.It claims bikes cause too much pollution and can upset pedestrians.Given the trees, wide sidewalks filled with pedestrians and the Muni vehicles, the view is poor to mediocre.
Related topics: Roads
pedestrianpedestrian2 adjective  1 ORDINARYordinary and uninteresting and without any imagination a painting that is pedestrian and unimaginative a rather pedestrian student2 TTR[only before noun] relating to pedestrians or used by pedestrians pedestrian traffic a pedestrian walkway
Examples from the Corpus
pedestrianBut Dreyfuss finds ways around the triteness of the screenplay and the pedestrian direction.The adumbration of pedestrian figures by a kind of blurred notation seems to be entirely new in art.It will become a pedestrian mall during the games, wooing visitors with the now-ubiquitous coffee franchises and sushi bars.He admired the sycamores, rising like important ideas from pedestrian plots of short grass.On the main wall was a rather pedestrian portrait of his wife.The other, Portland, has five employees in its pedestrian program.Where pedestrian volumes were heavy, walkers should have special pedestrian routes.He is a very pedestrian writer and Ovid is far from that.
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